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You can send a copy of your dashboards and data sources to other users. Unlike Dashboard Sharing, the copy physically creates these dashboards and data sources in the target user (s). After receiving dashboards copy, target users will import their own data into the copied data sources, as well as edit, delete, or create new dashboards. Important: There will be no further relation to the copied data sources and dashboards after copying. New copies may be made at any time but will not replace previous copies. There will always be new dashboards and data sources on the target.


  • The copied dashboards do not display the settings defined on the Master Dashboard of the source user.
  • The Data Source information will not be copied. The destination user must import their own data.

Sending a copy to another user (s)

  • First, you must have the Send Copies feature enabled on your subscription. To learn more about TaticView features, visit Subscription Features;
  • If your subscription already has the Send Copies feature enabled, the Send copy option is available in the context menu of the datasources cards:

On desktop
Datasource send copy desktop en-US.png
In mobile devices
Datasource options mobile en-US.png Datasource send copy mobile en-US.png

  • Clicking on this option will display the screen below. In this screen, select which dashboards you want to copy to another user and click Next:

Send copies+en-US.PNG

  • In the next screen (below), enter a description for this copy process (optional) and add the users email address who will receive the copy (copies can only be sent to emails that are already registered on TaticView. An alert message will be displayed if the email is not registered on TaticView. If you want to add a new user, you must enter the email address and click the Add Guest option. If you want to remove a user from the list, click on the Remove option:

Send copies 2+en-US.PNG

  • After you enter the user who will receive the dashboards copy, click Send. A Message successfully sent alert will be displayed.

Managing Copy Sent to Another User

  • Managing dashboards copies that have already been sent to other users is done through the Manage copies option. This option is available in the Datasources Menu, on the Main Page:
On desktop
Manage copies desktop en-US.png
In mobile devices
Manage copies mobile en-US.png

  • Clicking on this icon will display the following screen:

Send copies 3+en-US.PNG

  • On this screen you can:
    • Check pending copies;
    • Check which copies have already been accepted;
    • Check the copy details. To do this, click on the magnifying glass icon in the first column of the grid;
    • Delete a sent copy. Important: If the user has already accepted the copy, the exclusion will only remove the history record;
    • View the history of copies sent;

Accepting dashboards copy

  • When you receive a copy of dashboards, TaticView displays a notification on the Notifications screen with the following information (an email is also sent informing you of the copy):

Accept copies 1+en-US.PNG

  • In addition, the Accept copies option will be displayed on the main page (this option will only be shown if you have pending copies to receive):

Accept copies en-US.png

  • When you access this option, the following screen will appear:

Accept copies 3+en-US.PNG

  • On this screen you can:
    • Accept or reject the copy;
    • Verify the copy details by clicking on the magnifying glass in the first column of the grid;
    • Check which user sent the copy and the date of the sending;

  • When accessing the copy details (magnifying glass), the following screen will be displayed:

Accept copies 4+en-US.PNG

  • This screen will display which dashboards have been copied to you, as well as the message that was reported at the sending time.

  • When you accept the dashboards copy, the processing progress will be shown and the screen below will indicate that the dashboards have been copied at the end:

Accept copies 5+en-US.PNG

  • The copied dashboards, as well as the data source, will be available on the main page at the end of the screen.