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You can share your* dashboards with other users (see a video tutorial): .

This feature is very useful. You can organize, control, show and filter your data as you want and distribute it safely.

You can create a single dashboard with complete information and share for each user only what they need to see.

* Can not share dashboards that have been received through other shares;

* To share dashboards, you must have the Shared users hired feature;


Create a new share

To share a dashboard, you must access the Share dashboard option, available in the context menu of each dashboard card, or use the Share option available while dashboard execution:

On desktop
In mobile devices
During execution (desktop and mobile devices)

By doing this, the Manage Shares screen appears:


On this screen you can, in addition to adding new sharing invitations:

- check with whoever has already shared this dashboard;

- check the status of each invitation sent;

- change the Permissions of each invitation sent;

- grant written permission to the guest;

- resend an invitation that is pending;

- remove an invitation sent;

- change the name of a guest (useful to make it easier to find them in the list of suggestions displayed when adding a new guest);

When you click New invitation, a new entry will be added on the screen to inform you the name, email, and guest permissions settings.

To save and send the invitation, just click Save button. If this is disabled, check that the data (name and email) were filled in correctly.

Another way to share dashboards is by using the Share dashboards option in the menu on the Dashboards tab of the main page:

On desktop
In mobile devices

In this case, the following screen will be displayed:


In this screen you can, in addition to adding new dashboard for sharing:

- check how many invitations have already been accepted for each shared dashboard;

- check how many invitations are still pending;

- edit a share;

- remove a share;

When you click Add dashboard, the list of panels is displayed so that you can select what you want to share.


Selecting a dashboard will display the Manage shares screen.

Edit a share

To edit a sent share, you must access the Manage shares screen (see how to do this in the previous topic Create a new share).

Editing the shares allows you to make the following changes:

- change the name of the guest. This change does not reshare sharing, it only changes the name of the guest on the current share, and updates the name in the list of suggestions that appears when you add new invites;

- change the filters/permissions of the share. Used for when you want to change what restrictions on the data the guest will have;

- change the guest's write permission. Used for when you want the guest to be able to edit the shared dashboard;

- also allows you to resend an invitation that has status pending.

Delete a share

You can remove all shares from a dashboard, as well as remove only one specific invitation.

To remove all shares you send from a given dashboard, you must use the Share dashboards option available in the dashboards tab menu on the main screen. On the screen if it is displayed, just click the delete icon and confirm. With this, all shares of this dashboard will be removed.

On desktop
In mobile devices

Or, if you just want to remove a specific invitation, you must go to the Manage Shares screen, using the Share dashboard option available in the context menu of the dashboards and remove only the invitation you want. To do this, just click the Delete Sharing option. Only this invitation will be removed, all other invitations from this dashboard will remain.

On desktop
In mobile devices

Accept a share