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Buttons are used to associated any type of hyperlink.

You can use to:

  • Access other TaticView dashboards or navigate between them;
  • Start others websites
  • Open files (xlsx, pdf, docx, images, etc...). Files must be visible to the app.


  • Caption
  • Click action (page or file to start). You can start on the same window/tab or a new window/tab.
  • Font
  • Font Color
  • Font Size
  • Font Style
  • Border Color
  • Background Color


https://app.taticview.com/#function=execute_dashboard&id=271009 - TaticView Dashboard

https://taticview.com/pt/ - website

https://www.site.com/redmine/issues/38699 - Redmine issue

https://youtu.be/fRHbQ56Q5gA - youtube video

https://wikidev.taticview.com/images/7/7e/Barra_Lateral%2Ben-US.PNG - image file