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Watch a video tutorial about the combo object.

Implements a dynamic combo list that allows to filtering objects data content in execution time according to selection. Supports content search.

Filters and components (tables, charts, gauges, etc ...) are automatically connected when added to the dashboard.

To inhibit automatic connection of filters and components turn off the option in the settings.

By default, arrows indicating the connections between components and filters are displayed only when the component is selected. In this case, the connections of this component are displayed. If you always want to display the indicative setar, just enable the Show arrows option in the design settings.


To connect the Combo (Filter) manually with the components:

  • Select the Combo (Filter) object and click the arrow icon (top right corner):

Combo(Filtro) 1+en-US.PNG

  • Drag the arrow over the desired object and click it:

Combo(Filtro) 2+en-US.PNG

  • An arrow will be shown connecting the Combo (Filter) to the data object.

You can connect the same Combo (Filter) to multiple data objects, allowing to filter all connected objects with the same data and at the same time.

To delete a connection click on the arrow and select the Remove Object(s) on the top bar or press the delete key.

You can also select the Combo (Filter) operation by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the combo title. You can select between:

  • Equal (=)
  • Different (≠)
  • Less than (<)
  • Greater than (>)
  • Less than or equal to (≤)
  • Greater than or equal to (≥)

You can set a Initial content for Text Filters. If the content dosn't match no data will be retrieve.

Initial content en-US.PNG

Text Combo filters support multiple selections. See how


Combo(Filtro) 3+en-US.PNG

In this example, the Combo (Filter) object is connected to the two data objects (table and chart), making both show the data only for the selected value: PIZZA.

Filters can also be connected hierarchically providing filtering of the contents of the next filter(s).

Filter hierarchical.PNG

Both forms are allowed simultaneously.

See below all available properties for this object: