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Export Tables and Charts content to CSV files. This files are created with encoding ISO-8859-1 (ANSI).

You com open the files in Spreadsheets, other aplications, etc...

The objects title bar have an icon to save to a CSV file. The entire content will be exported (texts, values and expression).

If you have a "Others" line the content will be expanded in multiple rows.

After pressing the export button and generating the file, a window to download will appear on the screen.

SaveCSVTable-En-US.PNG SaveChartCSV-en-US.PNG


On Cross Tables or Graphs you have two choices:

  • simple export - the cross column become a second column generating a flat file
  • cross export - the data is export like the cross table.

CSV Export Cross Table-en+US.PNG CSV Export Cross Graph-en+US.PNG