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The Share feature no longer makes part of the subscriptions (paid and free) since TaticView version 1.11.0. We have created the feature Shared users instead.

What does this change affect?

Before the update, you had to obtain a number of shares to send to other users. For instance, subscriptions that own 10 shares can share 10 dashboards with any other user.

With the new Shared users feature, you no longer get a number of Shares you want to send, but with how many different users you want to share your dashboards. That way, if you get 5 Shared users, you can share as many dashboards as you want for up to 5 different users.

This modification is intended to make it easier for you to adjust your subscription.

The current subscriptions/registration will start to consider this new modification after its renewal* or after the moment the subscription is customized.

If you own a free subscription, you are going to be able to share your dashboards with more users after the subscription renewal. You must adjust your shares so it doesn't exceed the subscription limits If you already share with more than one user. To do so, you'll have to get more users or reduce the number of users which you share your dashboards.

If you have any questions, please contact our support.

* Free subscriptions are renewed automatically after 1 year from the registration activation date as described in our FAQ.