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You can run a SlideShow or dashboard by directly calling a URL.

This brings us two benefits:

  • Use of multiple browser tabs
  • Automation of SlideShow execution

Use of multiple browser tabs

You can save the dashboards as favorites in the browser and run them simultaneously.

If used with the Remember me option they will open directly without the need for login.

If you do not use the option Remember me, you will be prompted to log in only to the first panel (favorite), as long as you have not opened all at the same time.

To save a favorite, run the dashboard and mark it as a favorite.

Automation of SlideShow execution

It is possible to automatically run a Slide Show by direct URL calling and the Remember me option.

How to make:

  • It is necessary for the SlideShow user to select the option Remember me during login.
  • After running SlideShow and copying the browser address (URL)
  • This URL can be passed via the command line through a browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc ...) or through applications that allow the execution of url's.

Ex .: chrome.exe

With difficulties to automate. Open a ticket on our Support and we will help you.