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TaticView can be hired through a monthly subscription. Subscriptions are managed through the Control Panel through the options:

TaticView has a free subscription for an indefinite period with all its features. The configuration of the Free subscription can be consulted in the page of prices, in our site.

According to our term of use, the configuration of the Free subscription can be modified at any time. However, if this occurs, you will be notified in advance.

Details about each resource can be found in Subscription Features.

To extend these features, you need to hire a monthly subscription, prepaid, on which is calculated in credits from the desired configuration. With functioning similar to a prepaid mobile phone, credits are purchased in units and used to pay your monthly subscription.

On the Customize Subscription, you can configure resources according to your needs and will be informed of the monthly amount of credits and the monthly financial value based on the current price of the credit.

You need to buy the amount of credits that includes at least one month of subscription.

Monthly renewal

The renewal of the subscription is done monthly and will be automatic if you have enough credits.

If at the time of the renewal there are not enough credits for another month, you will be notified via email.

If you don't have enough credits to renew your subscription after five days, you will be downgraded to the free subscription.

Your data will not be lost, but the dashboards will not work until you adapt your subscription to the conditions of the free signature.

Configuration change

If your configuration is above or below your needs, you can change it at any time for more or less.

Every time the setting is changed there will be a pro-rata refund of unused credits, a new calculation will be made and a new monthly subscription period starts.

Purchase Credits

The purchase of credits can be paid via ticket or by credit card.

If the means of payment is billet, at the time of confirmation of the signature, it (ticket) will be sent to your e-mail.

If you do not receive the ticket by email, you can obtain it through the Control Panel of your subscription.

Tickets not paid until expiration lose their validity, as well as the corresponding credits. A new purchase request must be made on the Buy Credits page.

After payment is confirmed by TaticView, the credits are released for use and a service invoice will be issued and sent by email.

An statement with all of your credit transactions is available for consultation in the Transactions page.

Temporary Additional Features

When you activate your TaticView account, for a certain period your Free subscription will have additional features for a better experience of using the tool. These features are only available upon hiring. At the end of the evaluation period for additional features, you will continue to use TaticView with the features of your current subscription.

In addition to receiving additional temporary features when activating your account in TaticView, we may eventually release some new feature for you to evaluate.

If you are using additional temporary features near the end of the trial period, you will be notified. This so that you can tailor your use to your current subscription.

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