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TaticView Command Line Interface

The TVCli application is used to automate Data Sources data updates. It is a command-line interface where you can, through parameters that are informed in the execution, schedule data updates, generate access tokens for the user, or just store access tokens generated in TaticView.

To use the features available on TVCli, you must, through a command prompt, run the TVCli file available in the directory where it was installed, informing the parameters of the server. You can also create an executable file (.bat, .cmd, etc ...) containing the required parameters and schedule them to run at predetermined times (you need to use a task scheduler in this case).

For details on the TVCli commands see TVCli Command Reference.

We have o tutorial for help you on operation and settings, see Automatic data update.

Important: To use TVCli, the machine where it will be configured must have java from version 8 installed.