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Through the Residential Condominium template you manage your condominiums by analyzing expenses and revenues by period and more.

Learn through the available dashboards:

  • the biggest expenses,
  • If the revenues are adequate to the expenses,

Download the example worksheet, using the link below, replace with your data and update the data source to start analyzing immediately and improve the management of your administrator.

If you do not have all the data available, leave the corresponding columns blank.

Download Sample Worksheet

Share the information with condominium trustees by displaying only their condo information while you still have full access to all the information.

Information on the condomínio spreadsheet:

  • Date: Date on which the expense or revenue occurred
  • Residential: Name of the condominium where the expense or revenue occurred
  • Type: Indicates whether the occurrence is an expense or revenue
  • Event: Description of the event that generated the expense or revenue
  • Amount: The amount of expense or revenue


  • Monthly Analisys
Monthly Analisys.png

  • Events Balance
Events Balance.png

  • Events