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  • This template has not yet been translated into English and Spanish.

This template has two data marts with information fully integrated with ERP Pronto or Omega Cloud with automatic daily updates.

Metrics Data Source

Has several global metrics such as:

  • monthly and daily invoicing evolution,
  • main customers,
  • main salespeople,
  • evolution of inventory levels,
  • aging of accounts payable and receivable.

Billing Data Source informations:

  • invoice issue date;
  • company code;
  • branch code;
  • invoice and item number;
  • type of movement code and description;
  • products groups descriptions (Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4);
  • product code;
  • product description;
  • customers fancy name;
  • customer city;
  • customer state;
  • customer's country;
  • seller;
  • product sales unit;
  • sold amount;
  • gross value;
  • discount;
  • total taxes (ICMS, ICMS SUBST, PIS and COFINS);
  • commissions;
  • total amount deducted from discounts, taxes and commissions;
  • product cost;
  • profit margin ;
  • PIS value;
  • Cofins value;
  • ICMS value;
  • ICMS ST value;
  • IPI value;
  • profit margin %;
  • average Net value;
  • average Total value.

It has 3 dashboards with metrics and analyzes already developed, and users can develop as many others as they think necessary based on these data.

The template also allows for some personalizations and customizations both in the dashboards and in the extractors.

It is important to highlight that in partnership with ABC71, all companies that hire this integration will receive as a bonus, free of charge, the automatic update of the indicator cube and 1 user.

This contract also allows that using this methodology other integrations can be developed together with the client.

Important:: In order to use your data in this template, you must to get in touch with us:

  • Company: Sadig
  • Business contact
  • E-mail: comercial@sadig.com
  • Phones: 11 4331-1062 / 51 3632-5300

Analyzes available in this template

Global Metrics Analysis

ERP Pronto metrics over Billing, Payable and Receivable Bills.

Analise Indicadores.png

General Billing Analysis

Analysis of Billing and Margin for periods, customers, products and sellers.

Analise Faturamento Geral.jpg

Customer Billing Analysis

Billing analysis with emphasis on the customer

Analise Faturamento Clientes.png

Products Billing Analysis

Billing analysis with emphasis on the product

Analise Faturamento Produtos.png