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Through the template Fuel Station you can have total control over the supplies made in your network of stations.

Learn through the management dashboards available in this template:

  • in which times the largest volumes of supplies occur;
  • which is the freight forwarder with the largest volume of supplies;
  • which days of the week with the most movement;
  • which most wanted fuel;

In addition, have the monthly evolution of all supplies made at your stations.

With detailed information, you can make the best decision to further leverage fuel sales from your stations.

Download the example worksheet, using the link below, replace the sample information with your data, update the data source, and immediately get detailed information.

If you do not have any information, leave the respective column blank in the file.

Download Sample Worksheet

Share this information with partners or other interested parties displaying only relevant information to them, while you have full access to all information.

Information about the Fuelstation worksheet:

  • Date: Date supply occurred
  • Time: Hour and minute, in text format, in the supply was made
  • Liters: What is the volume in liters of a given supply
  • Price: Total value of supply
  • Attendand: Attendant responsible for supplying
  • Pump: In which pump was the supply
  • Fuel: What type of fuel is used in the supply
  • Hour: Time of supply, in text format with the standard 24 hours

Analyzes available in this template:

  • Period Analisys

Period Analisys.PNG

  • Attendands


  • Montly Grow

Montly Grow.PNG