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Notice: This template has not yet been translated into English and Spanish.

In competitive environments and with the lack of qualified human resources, a proper management of those resources has a major role in retaining talents and in maintaining productivity.

In this situation, to achieve these goals, it is vital that the human resources departments provide reliable and up-to-date information on the staff to other managers.

Through the RH template, the HR managers can automate, with a low cost, a generation and a distribution, with security and confidentiality, like information on the staff.

Learn through the available dashboards:

  • the distribution of labor force by cost center,
  • the HR costs by cost center,
  • overtime rates by cost center,
  • which employees with the most absences,
  • if the employee's level of education and age group are within the company's standards.

Download the example worksheet, using the link below, replace with your data and update the data source to start analyzing immediately and improve the management of your employees.

If you do not have all the data available, leave the corresponding columns blank.

Download Sample Worksheet

Share your information with other company managers by displaying only the information relevant to them while you still have full access to all information.

Information on the RH spreadsheet:

  • Data Competência: Date of data collection on the HR system
  • Empresa: Employer's name
  • Filial: Name of the branch where the employee works
  • Centro de Custo: Name of the cost center where the employee is designated
  • Colaborador: Employee's name and code
  • Sexo: Employee's gender
  • Estado Civil: Employee's marital status
  • Grau de Instrução: Employee's level of education
  • Faixa Etária: Employee's age group
  • Cargo: Description of the position that the employee occupies within the company
  • Tipo Contrato: Type of employment association with the employee
  • Situação: Indicates whether the employee is on active staff
  • Tipo Situação: Indicates the employee's dismissal reason
  • Periculosidade: Indicates if the employee performs a function considered dangerous
  • Insalubridade: Indicates if the employee performs a function considered unhealthy
  • Data Admissão: The date when the employee started working at the company
  • Data Demissão: The date when the employee was dismissed from the company
  • Salário Mês: The value of the salary paid to the employee in the month of competence
  • Remuneração Mês: The value of the employee's net remuneration in the month of competence
  • Passivo Décimo Terceiro: valor provisionado para o décimo terceiro salário
  • Passivo Férias: Amount provisioned for vacations
  • Passivo FGTS: valor que foi recolhido para o FGTS do colaborador
  • Bnf. Transporte: Amount paid as a voucher benefit
  • Bnf. Alimentação: Amount paid for the food voucher
  • Bnf. Saúde: Amount paid as health plan benefit
  • Bnf. Outros: Amount paid under other benefits
  • Qtd.Horas Extras: The amount of overtime worked
  • Valor Horas Extras: The value of overtime worked
  • Qtd. Horas Pagas: The number of hours paid
  • Qtd. Horas Faltas: The number of hours the employee missed work
  • Percentual de Horas Faltas: Percentage of absences over hours paid


  • Collaboration analysis by cost center
  • Monthly Cost analysis by Cost Center
  • Management of employees by branch
  • Overtime information
  • Ranking of employees with more absence
  • Summary of employees by Sex, Marital Status, level of education and Age Group

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