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- This template has not yet been translated into English and Spanish.

- This template was made to be utilized with the product Sadig Performance

Analyse and track your Sadig Performance indicators performance.

Download the data extractor after you've finished stalling the template. The extractor must be in the Sadig Windows ETC folder.

It should be executed by command line with the parameters type, on which this case is 1. It must also have a destination file to the generated files.

The file will be generated in the EXP file under Sadig Windows if the destination file is not informed.

Command syntax:

expper.exe 1 <diretório destino>

Command example:

expper.exe 1 "c:\temp"

The grpindlanc.csv file will be generated inside the destination file. This file must be imported into TaticView's data file Indicators (Group).

It will be available in the Sadig Windows ETC file, together with the executable, and the expper.log file, containing info on the executions failures and successes.

Information about the grpindlanc.csv file:

  • Data: The release date.
  • Grupo: Group to which the indicator belongs.
  • Indicador: The indicator's name.
  • Categoria: The category to which the indicator belongs.
  • SubCategoria: The subcategory to which the indicator belongs. They are hierarchically connected to the Categories.
  • Autor: The person who created/defined the indicator.
  • Responsável: The person who is in charge of the accomplished value of the indicator.
  • Medida: It determines the indicator's measure unit.(Kg, US$, meters, Kwh, , etc...).
  • Unidade: The unit where the indicator is located.
  • Divisão: The company's division where the indicator is located.
  • Área: The area where the indicator is located.
  • Setor: The sector where the indicator is located.
  • Standard: It determines that the indicator has a Standard, meaning a value of a global reference.
  • Previsto: The predicted value of the indicator.
  • Realizado: The value accomplished by the indicator.
  • V%: The Percentual variation (Accomplished * 100/ Predicted - 100).
  • VABS: The Absolut Variation (Accomplished - Predicted).
  • FM%: Percentual Gait factor (Accomplished * 100 / Predicted).
  • Nota: The indicator's notes, according to the rule's definition made on Sadig Performance.
  • Obs: Release Observations.
  • Periodicidade: Defines the indicator's releases frequency, that is, the time gap that it should be measured. It can be: Daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semester, annually.
  • Período: It shows the release period based on frequency.


  • Indicadores (Grupos)

Indicadores grupos.PNG

  • Lançamentos (Grupos)

Lancamentos grupos.PNG