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Through the Sales Management template, you can have total control of your sales by Branch, Products, Customers, Salesperson and more.

Know your billing, taxes, costs and profit margin through the many management dashboards available.

Download the example worksheet, using the link below, replace with your data and update the data source to start analyzing immediately and improve the management of your business.

If you do not have all the available data, leave the corresponding columns blank.

Download Sample Worksheet

Share your information with Affiliates and Sellers by displaying only relevant information to them, while you have full access to all information.

Sales Spreadsheet Information:

  • Order Date: Date on which the sale was made
  • Delivery Date: Date on which the order was delivered
  • Branch: Affiliate which performed the sale
  • Group: Group to which belongs the sold product
  • Product: Name of the sold product
  • Customer: Customer name
  • City: City where the customer lives
  • State: State where the customer lives
  • Region: The region of the country where the customer lives
  • Salesman: Name of the salesperson who performed the sale
  • Quantity: Quantity sold of a product
  • Price: The price of the sold product
  • Taxes: The amount of taxes levied on the product sale
  • Net Revenue: The net value of the product sale
  • Cost: The value of the product purchase cost
  • Profit: Profit obtained from the product sale
  • Avg Price: The result of the price estimate divided by the quantity
  • %Profit: Percentage of profit on the product selling price


  • Annual Sales Informations

Annual sales information.PNG

  • Annual Information (Top 10)

Annual information.PNG

  • Product by Customer Analysis

Product customer analysis.PNG

  • Product Sales

Product sales.PNG

  • Sales by Region

Sales region.PNG

  • Sales by Salesman

Sales salesman.PNG

  • Sales by State/Salesman/Product

Sales state salesman product.PNG

  • Sales Summary

Sales sumary.PNG

  • State Analysis

State analysis.PNG

  • Annual Products Comparison

Annual products comparison.PNG

  • Customer Ranking

Customer ranking.PNG

  • Orders Monthly Analysis

Orders monthly analysis.PNG