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- This template has not yet been translated into English and Spanish.

Template integrated with Windel ERP with sales analysis of products allowing an even more efficient management of your company.

Example of this template is a bakery.

The purpose of this template is to enable an initial deployment of the TaticView information application quickly and efficiently so that the company can make even more assertive decisions.

With the adoption of this template, it is possible in a few days or even hours to access and share information with employees, suppliers, etc. in a safe way.

In this context it is composed of a set of dashboards in TaticView, a set of information on Product Sales.

Importantly, the company itself can create and share more dashboards according to its management need.

Some Data Available on Dashboards:


  • Data de Emissão
  • Empresa
  • Tipo Documento
  • Documento
  • Número
  • Série
  • Situação
  • Hora
  • Semana
  • Produto
  • Grupo
  • Família
  • SubFamília
  • Atendente
  • Unidade
  • Valor
  • Quantidade
  • Desconto
  • Acréscimo

Important: In order to use your data in this template, you must submit them in a file using exactly the same layout as the items described above. Or, to get a sample file, please keep in touch with us:

  • Company: Sadig
  • Business contact
  • E-mail: comercial@sadig.com
  • Phones: 11 4331-1062 / 51 3632-5300

Analyzes available in this template

Análise de Produto

Analyze in a single dashboard your sales/invoicing by period, by attendant, by product with product rankings and evolution of monthly invoicing combining several filters.

Dashboard analise produto windel.png

Análise por Dia e Hora

Evaluate your sales/billing by day of the month, weeks, days of the week and time of day.

Dashboard analise por dia windel.png