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To delete a Datasource, you can click the Delete datasource option available in the datasource context menu on the main screen.

On desktop
Delete datasource en-US.png
In mobile devices
Datasources options mobile en-US.png Delete datasource mobile en-US.png

Then, the delete confirmation screen will be displayed. In this screen (below) you will be informed on wich Data Sources and Dashboards will be removed.

Delete datasource 2+en-US.PNG

By clicking on Delete, TaticView will remove the desired Data Sources and return to the main page.

You can also delete the datasources on demand. To do this, go to the option Delete datasources, available in the Datasources Tab menu on the main page:

On desktop
Delete datasources en-US.png
In mobile devices
Delete datasources mobile en-US.png

On the next screen, simply select which datasources to delete and proceed with the process by clicking Delete. The confirmation screen will be displayed.

Delete datasource 1+en-US.PNG

To delete Dashboards, see Delete a Dashboard.