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  • Charset: Specifies the file charset. Usually, the correct option is automatically selected. For CSV files only;
  • Start row: Specifies which row of the file the import process should start reading. Headings should be included if the Header row option is checked. For CSV files only;
  • Date mask: Choose the Date fields mask in the file. The selected mask must be exactly equal to the format used by dates in the file. For CSV files only;
  • Delimited by: Specifies the columns delimiter character. Select between Tab, Semicolon, Collon or Another character (for Other type the desired delimiter in the field). Usually, the correct option is selected automatically. For CSV files only;
  • Header: Check if the file has a Header row that identifies the columns. The header will be used as the default name for the columns in the data source;
  • Decimal Separator: Specifies the decimal separator used in the file. For CSV files only
  • Columns options: Click the column header in the preview table to select and change its options:
    • Column data type: Specifies the column data type: Date, Text or Value;
    • Column name: Specifies the column name.;
    • Decimal places: Specifies how many decimal places. For Value columns only;

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If you are updating a data source, go directly to the import summary.