Subscription Features

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Understand what each subscription feature means:

  • Shared users:

The number of users with whom you can share your dashboards. If you have 2 Shared users in the subscription, you can share as many dashboards as you want with these two users. See more

  • Lines:

Sum off all lines from all your data sources. See more.

  • Slideshow (TVs):

Allows you to set up a presentation of the dashboards, as if they were slides, to be displayed. For example, display a list of dashboards on a TV. See more.

  • Automatic data update:

A number of different data sources (spreadsheets, text) that can be automated. You must use the TVCli application to automate the update of information. See more.

  • Send Copies:

Allows a copy of the data sources (spreadsheets, text) and their dashboards to be sent to other users. You can indicate which dashboards from this data source will be copied. See more.