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Watch a video tutorial about tables.

A table is like an object, a collection of columns and rows, that displays data.

You can add to a table object any number of Date, Text, Value and Special columns desired.

By default, the data displayed in the table will be grouped by the Data and Text columns and Value columns will be summarized.

In run-time, tables have navigation buttons Table nav.png where you can change pages by clicking on the arrows or typing the page number directly in the input box, the option to change the number of rows per page Table rowspages.png and to display information Table rowspagesinfo.png about current and total rows.

For crossed data features in tables, see Cross Table.


Table ex.png

The above example shows a table grouped by the Year and State columns (two first columns) and the summarized amount of Gross Sales and Net Revenue for these groups.

Table ex2.png

In this other example, using modified Layout Properties, a filtered column that displays only the Pizza Product Profit and an expression to calculate the Pizza Profit percentage participation.

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