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Watch a video tutorial about tables.

A table is like an object, a collection of columns and rows, that displays data as a crossed view of two text or date columns.

The Cross Table object needs two Dates or Texts columns (or one of each) and supports many Value columns.

The data displayed in the Cross Table will be a cross of the Data and Text columns with the first column being the row and the second the column. The Value columns will be shown summarized in the center.

In run-time cross tables have navigation buttons Tabela Cruzada 1+en-US.PNG where you can change pages by clicking the arrows or typing the page number directly in the input box, the option to change the number of rows per page Tabela Cruzada 2+en-US.PNG and to display information Tabela Cruzada 3+en-US.PNG about current and total rows.

For simple table options, see Table.


Tabela Cruzada 4+en-US.PNG

The above example shows a cross table of Group (row) by Year (column) and the summarized amount of Cost and Profit for these crossings.

Tabela Cruzada 5+en-US.PNG

The second example shows a Product by Weekday Profit with the option to dynamic filter the object's data by Year and Month.

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