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Dynamic date shortcuts

It's a powerful feature of TaticView, it's selections, Date Filters, that dynamically adapt to the context where and when they're being used.

With them it is possible to select periods that change dynamically, for example:

  • Current Year
  • Last two years
  • Current month
  • Month to date
  • Today
  • Yesterday

These shortcuts use the moment the dashboard is running as a reference, and from there, determines which period to use for the selection.

TaticView has several Dynamic Shortcuts for ready-to-use dates, and allows the user to create their own custom shortcuts. This feature allows unlimited combinations to be made to meet the user's diverse needs.

In addition, Dynamic Date Shortcuts can be even more powerful when used anchored.

Dynamic anchored date shortcuts

Dynamic Date Shortcuts can be used docked, that is, you can associate a Combo with objects that have been configured to use one or more Dynamic Date Shortcuts, and so these shortcuts stop using the dashboard execution time as a reference, and begin to use as a reference what was selected in the Combo, for example:

  1. I create in a Table the Column Date of Delivery and the Column Price
  2. I associate to this same Table a Current Year Filter of Delivery Date
  3. When you run this dashboard, only the Current Year Prices in the Table will be shown, because Dynamic Date Shortcuts used the moment of execution as a reference.
  4. Associating now a Year of Delivery Date with this object, in the execution of the dashboard, when changing the year in the Combo will show the Prices of the selected year and not more of the current year, this is because the date selected in the Combo is now used as reference and not the current time.


  • So that Dynamic Date Shortcuts are anchored to the Date Column used as Filter must be the same as that used in the Combo.
  • The anchor feature works with any object, including Table Columns.

Limitations of Dynamic Shortcuts for anchored dates

In the current version of TaticView it is not possible to use more than one Combo as an anchor associated with the same object, if this is done, TaticView informs the user about the limit.