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The TaticView Data Sources support the following file formats and types for import or update:

Supported Extensions:

  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • XLSM
  • CSV (or other compatible with CSV)

Limits Supported:

  • Files must contain at least one Date, one Text and one Value column;
  • Files must have a maximum of 100MB (20MB for XLS)
    • total columns 256;
    • maximum text + date columns 63;
    • maximum numeric columns 254
  • Text data type columns have a limit of 255 characters;
  • Value data type columns are limited to 11 integers and 5 decimals;
  • Column headings (headers) can contain a maximum of 50 characters;

CSV Specific Requirements:

  • Any field delimiter is supported (with the exception of line breaks);
  • Date fields must be in a supported format. Ex.: "dd/MM/yyyy" = 31/01/2013;
  • Value (numeric) fields must use a dot "." or a comma "," as decimal separator.

Files can also contain formulas and expressions, see File Formulas for more information.


If your worksheet is set up properly, but you still can not import, you may have a structural problem. We recommend that you try to save it again using the standard Excel format. See how.

Some settings cannot be modified in the data file or import file during the data import so the dashboards can work properly. For instance:

  • You cannot add new columns between already imported columns:
    • New columns must be added at the end of the file;
  • Columns titles cannot be modified after the first import:
    • The columns nicknames can be modified in Input Data Format, but the dashboard's objects created previously will keep the previous nickname;
    • You must remove and add the column to update the dashboard's object nickname;
  • The columns cannot be removed from the file after the first import;
  • The columns position cannot be modified after the first import;
  • The columns data type (text, value, date) cannot be modified after the first import;