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You do not need to create your dashboards from scratch

Our team, which has years of experience in information management, has created sets of dashboards for various areas of use ready for you to start using. Choose the area (template) in which you want to use the dashboards and we create them for you. You can use them as they are or change them as you see fit.


  • Templates are loaded with sample data. To use your own data, download the sample worksheet available on each model, replace with your information and update the data source provided by the template.
  • If you do not have all the data available leave the corresponding columns blank.

Currently available templates are:

  • Sales: Manage your sales through "sales management" template on which contemplates: Sales period, Subsidiaries, Products, Customers, Region, City, Salesman, Revenues, Taxes, Costs and Profit. See more instructions.
  • Residential Condominium: Manage your residential condominiums through the Condominium template that includes Statement of Expenses and Income by Period, Higher Expenses, Comparison between Incomes and Expenses, etc. See more instructions.
  • RH: Manage your human resources through the RH template that includes: workforce analysis, absenteeism control, evaluation of the overall staff by age group, level of education, etc. See more instructions.
  • Fuel Stations: Manage the supplies made at your fuel stations through this model, which includes Analysis of Supply by Period, Supply by Forklift and Monthly Evolution of supplies. See more instructions.
  • Aplicação Integrada ao ERP Focco: This template has several dashboards for analysis with Billing, Requests, Bills to Receive, Inventories and Production Orders information, all with integration processes between the Focco ERP and TaticView already available allowing an even more efficient management of your company. See more instructions.

To install the desired template, follow the instructions below:

  • Click the Templates option on the Main Page sidebar;
  • Select the desired template and click on the option Install Template Install template.PNG;
  • A confirmation message about the installation of the template will appear, where you should:

Interested in sharing your own template(s) with any other user? See how.